Uncategorized What does a Title Company even do? So often buyers and sellers are afraid to ask questions about the process.  When I get a question more than once, I will get the answers from professionals and talk about it.   So what does a title company do?    Kim Cathcart from Dominion Title Services shared some great information.
Uncategorized Should I Have a Home Inspection?   Many buyers wonder if they should have a home inspection clause in their purchase agreement.   As a Realtor, I strongly encourage a home inspection for many reasons.  There are many home inspection companies to choose from.  Factors to consider when choosing a home inspection company are certifications, cost, and availability.  As the buyer, […]
Uncategorized Home Maintenance Tip Series – Gutters/Fascia Boards Have you checked your gutters and fascia boards lately?    The Fascia board is the board that is behind the gutter. Things to look for:  Gutters and downspouts that are clogged Downspouts that do not drain away from the house can cause moisture problems in basements or crawlspaces or even foundation damage Gutters not properly […]
Uncategorized What is My Home Worth? Market Analysis Explained   You should be asking yourself, “What is my home worth?”   Why?  Because it could be worth more than you think!   Getting a market analysis is important is the best way to truly know what it is worth. How is a market analysis done? The best way to do a market analysis is to select […]
Uncategorized Home Warranty Programs There are many benefits to Home Warranty programs for both buyers and sellers.    I spent some time discussing them with Ann Marie Alligood with HSA Home Warranty.  We discussed the benefits to a home warranty in the current real estate market.   There are many companies out there, so I recommend looking at the fine […]
Buyers Mortgage Pre-approval: What’s the Big Deal? Buyers sometimes wonder why agents are always asking if they are pre-approved for a mortgage.  The short answer is to make sure the agent is searching for properties that they buyer is qualified to purchase.  When you make an offer on a property, you offer will be much more attractive to a seller.  You have […]
Uncategorized Can I do a FSBO? (For Sale By Owner)   FSBO or For Sale By Owner can be a great challenge for the right person.  First of all, some people would ask why a Realtor would give people information on selling without a Realtor.  The answer is simple – there are some people that want the challenge and can do it, while others will […]
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