April 1, 2019

Home Maintenance Tip Series – Gutters/Fascia Boards

Have you checked your gutters and fascia boards lately?    The Fascia board is the board that is behind the gutter.

Things to look for:

  1.  Gutters and downspouts that are clogged
  2. Downspouts that do not drain away from the house can cause moisture problems in basements or crawlspaces or even foundation damage
  3. Gutters not properly attached can pull away from the house.
  4. The fascia board could be rotting from leaking or clogged gutters

Regular inspection and maintenance can prevent issues and preserve the value of your house.  Simple fixes now can prevent major expenses in the future.

If you notice issues that are beyond the scope of what you are comfortable fixing, I would be happy to recommend a qualified service company to assist you.